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Broome Self Guided Quests

Discover Broome in an exciting new way! Join our self-guided treasure hunts, solve clues, and uncover the rich history of Broome while earning points. Perfect for solo adventurers or teams! Our first Quest, the Chinatown Quest has just been released. At $29.50 it's the best value experience in Broome. 


However we are making it available for just $19.50 for the first 15 peope to try it. Just use quest-go as the promo code when you buy your Quest experience.

Dive into the heart of Broome with our Chinatown Quest, a thrilling combination of a self-guided tour and a treasure hunt. Participants embark on an interactive journey through Chinatown, solving clues that guide them from one historic location to the next. As you navigate the vibrant streets, you'll unlock fascinating stories, hidden gems & pearls of wisdom about Broome's rich heritage.

Whether you prefer to venture solo or compete in teams, this Quest offers a unique and engaging way to experience Chinatown. Earn points for each clue solved and see your name rise on the all time leaderboard, adding a competitive edge to your adventure. Ideal for locals and tourists alike, the Chinatown Quest is a fun and educational activity that brings the past to life while creating new memories.

The Chinatown Quest

New Quests Currently in Development:

The Townbeach Quest:  Geocached treasure hunt of the Townbeach precinct.

The Cocktail Quest:       Geocached treasure hunt through cocktail bars, where you unlock clues to win cocktails. 

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