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Explore the rich tapestry of Broome with Salty Plum Social, renowned for its diverse and captivating walking tours. In the historic Chinatown precinct, we offer a variety of tours, each crafted to showcase Broome's vibrant culture and history.
Choose from our signature evening small bar walking tour, the morning big art walking tour, or delve into the Pearling Masters’ Trek for an immersive experience into the pearling industry's legacy. On Tuesdays, the Wayfarer's Gourmet Experience at Town Beach awaits, offering a gastronomic adventure.
Our tours are social experiences at heart, uniting people in their exploration and enjoyment of Broome. We bring history to life with innovative digital image projection technology, casting Broome's historic narratives onto the very buildings you stroll by.
Guided by Chris and Robyn, who have been Broome locals since 1992, each tour offers a unique insight into the local culture and history. Whether it's the rejuvenated Chinatown or the scenic Cable Beach precinct, join us on a Salty Plum Social tour for an engaging, historical, and thoroughly enjoyable journey through Broome


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Chris 0418 905 244

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Your Hosts

Chris and Robyn Maher

(or Christopher Robyn)

have lived in Broome since 1992 and have a wealth of lived and learned experience they are always happy to share with their guests.

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